Wide spanned to the future

PFEIFER Hybridbeam®
A steel and concrete composite beam
integrated into the ceiling height

Less height

lower storey height while maintaining operational parameters

Smooth ceiling

elimination of binders protruding from the ceiling

Elimination of columns

the possibility of eliminating columns

Lighter ceilings

reduction of material consumption thanks to the combination of high-strength elements


reduced demand for CO2 in production, transport and assembly

Comprehensive solution

Advantages of the
PFEIFER Hybridbeam®

  • Perfect cooperation of materials with high mechanical properties
  • Elimination of visible binders
  • Flat floor surface
  • High degree of prefabrication - ready to assemble composite
  • Can be used in all known ceiling structures
  • Minimal amount of concrete and steel thanks to the combination of high-strength materials
  • Optimal use of the facility
  • Fast and temporary support-free assembly
  • Reduction of concrete works at the construction site
  • Free spaces for installations
  • Flexible assembly sequence
  • Reduced construction time
  • High torsional and bending stiffness already in the assembly phase
  • Anti-corrosion and fire protection in accordance with construction standards
  • Certified production according to EN 1090
  • Load capacity confirmed by technical tests